NEW Mini Course By Jimmi Ellis - Las Vegas Singer/Entertainer

Beginning Singers: Discover The 6 Simple Steps To Your First Pro Wireless Sound System!

Have you been dreaming of having a professional sound system but don't know where to start?

Inside this mini course I'll reveal the 6 simple steps you can use to set up your first pro sound system even if you're on a tight budget.

I know setting up a wireless sound system for live performances can be daunting, especially if you're just starting out and have little or no technical knowledge. That's exactly why I created the "6 Simple Steps" mini course.

If I can help a senior dance instructor, who's main tech know-how was surfing facebook, run a full wireless sound system then I'll have you rockin' the stage in no time!

Who is this mini course for? What if I don't sing, but play an instrument, or I'm a dance instructor will this help me?

This can help singers, karaoke performers, dance instructors, emcees, musicians who perform with a singer, really anyone who has the desire, and need, to have a sound system for public performances at small, medium or even larger venues.

Here's a little secret that until now only a couple of my closest friends know. I flunked electronics in high school.

Truth: I've a slight learning disability.

Although I've been anything but a star student that's never stopped me from starring on stages for over 3 decades now.

I've performed in many states and cities, including the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas, where at the present time I'm doing 2 to 3 shows a week in casinos.

Those aren't bragging rights because that's not my style.

I share this with you because, although I'm no Einstein or Elon, I've been able to headline, and perform, on many stages in casinos in Las Vegas.

I've help others with their sound and PA systems, who are technically challenged, and I'm confident I can help you too!

Get inside and instantly you'll gain access to easy to understand instructions where I explain, and show you, several quality sound/PA systems that you can have set-up and ready to perform with in 6 Simple Steps.

My goal is to help you have the best pro wireless sound system, within your budget, and make sure you're ready to rock the room on your next performance!

Having good sound is important for you, your audience, and the venues you'll perform at.

A nice wireless system, that you can easily run, will have you standing out from the competition and ensuring that venues will invite you back for more shows.

Setting up a sound system can be intimidating at first. I designed this guide to provide you with step-by-step instructions for even a non-techie.

Soon you'll be creating great live sound even if you can barely adjust your car radio.

By the end of the course, you'll have a general understanding of the essential components of a pro sound system AND better yet... you'll know how to easily put it all together.

Be the star that you are and grab your mini course NOW!

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Here's just some of what you'll discover inside "6 Simple Steps To Your First Pro Wireless Sound System!"...

Get clear guidance on various sound system/PA componants, for setting up your first sound system - "Even if you’re technically challenged!"

Learn about pro sound system & PA options - "Even if your on a budget!"

Gain the confidence needed to run your sound equipment - "Start playing for pay!"

How to choose the right speakers and microphones.

Sound mixing magic "These 2 simple tweaks will have you mixing sound like a pro!"

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason if you're not completely satisfied, simply contact me for a full refund, no questions asked!

Start today with confidence knowing that this resource guide is exactly what you need.

Sign up now and join us on the journey towards becoming a sound system pro!

P.S. Grab "6 Simple Steps To Setting Up Your First Pro Sound System" NOW! With my expert, easy to follow, guidance you'll soon have the quality sound system you deserve.

Without a doubt my mini course will have you up and running with confidence in no time. I GUARANTEE IT! I'll see you on the inside.

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